Sunday, June 29, 2008

New York, New Yuck

By: Harvey

Watching the NBA Draft the Thursday evening, I got a solid reminder of why I dislike all New York sports franchises and the loudmouth, asshole fans that come along with them.

The New York Knicks, the recently Isiah-less laughingstock of organized basketball on any level, took Italian star Danilo Gallinari with the No. 6 overall pick...which was met by a long, loud chorus of boos by the Knickerbocker fandom which showed up to collectively make a horse's ass of itself at Madison Square Garden.

"It's a part of the game," Gallinari, a 6-foot-8, 210-pound forward who averaged 17.5 ppg last year in the Italian pro league said. "All of the players have got to hear this. Not all of the time you can hear good things."

Quite an optimistic outlook for a guy who has landed in pro sports hell to try and begin his NBA career.

Let's face it. If you succeed in NYC, you become a folk hero and are worshipped forever and ever. The problem is this...their definition of success in that city is so demanding and out of whack most mere mortals simply do not have the ability to live up to it. Their expectations are so unrealistic, they are constantly miserable and dissatisfied with what their teams are doing.

These people probably showed up to MSG to boo regardless of who the Knicks selected, because that's how New York sports fans are. They are pricks. If Jesus Christ was entered in this year's draft and somehow managed to slip to sixth (I heard he needs to work on his left hand and on-ball D a little), these jerkoffs would probably boo. They have no idea they are booing a very strong player...they just know they've never heard of him before so he must not be any good.

Well, part of me hopes he is good, just to make the jagbags who ruined his big night at MSG look like the NYC sewer rats they are. Of course, it would be okay for me if he sucked, too...because it would probably mean the Knicks still suck as well.

I guess for me it's a win-win situation. For poor Danilo (and pretty much every other New York athlete) it is probably a lose-lose type of deal. Cheers.

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