Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recent Goodies

Here are some pics of some of my recent pulls. All walmart or target blaster purchases.

I got these 09-10 Champs hockey at Target. These are base cards and they look quite lovely.

Kali pulled the Milan Lucic game-used mini from 09-10 Champs and I pulled the Mike Richards treasured swatches from 08-09 UD Artifacts hockey. Both were $20 blaster boxes.

Other than the guarantee on the box that you will get two auto's per box, 2010 Sage Hit is a miss. Series one is only a fifty card set and the blasters are full of repeats. It's only worth it for a chance of pulling a Sam Bradford auto. Got these and the ones below at walmart a while back.

I really like the look of the Topps 2010 National Chicle. Kali pulled the Madison Bumgarner. It was excitement city. I've never had that kinda luck in one day. I bought three blasters from Target yesterday(Champs, Artifacts and National Chicle) and all three had something awesome inside.

My first Byrd card in a Cubs uni. That guy is playing his ass off this year is a big reason why the Cubs still have a shot. the Zambrano and Lee cards were both drawn by Don Higgins.

This Tim Wakefield card... I'm not a fan. Hey look, Ted Lilly!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elias Coblentz

By: Guido

Go to Youtube and search for Elias Coblentz. He's a Cards fan from Iowa and hates Kentucky. This guy is just fucking stupid. Below is a website where they gave Elias a little bashing. copy and paste it and enjoy. I want to slap this moron. Go Now!

Unfortunately, the video has been removed from youtube but he has a shit ton more.

UFC 114 Promo Video

UFC 113 News and Notes

By: Guido

UFC 113 turned in a good show. Shogun Rua ko'd Machida late in the first round to capture the light heavyweight title. Koscheck beat Daley by unanimous decision. Daley then followed the final horn by landing a cheap shot on the right eye of Kos. Minutes later, Daley was unemployed. Kos will face off against GSP on The Ultimate Fighter and then fight for the title this winter.

Kimbo also walked out of Montreal jobless after a lack luster performance against Matt Mitrione. Mitrione looked tough in only his second pro fight. Then again, he was facing Kimbo. Sam Stout and Jeremy Stephens went to war with Stephens taking it by split decision.

Alan Belcher continued to impress fans as he dominated Patrick Cote. Belcher may be in line for a shot at Anderson Silva next year.

Fight of the Night: Jeremy Stephens vs. Sam Stout
Knockout of the Night: Mauricio Rua
Submission of the Night: Alan Belcher


The Hawks have made it to the Western Conference Finals. That is truly Badd Ass!

NBA Update

By: Guido

The Conference finals are almost set. The Magic have steam rolled their way there. I'm pulling for Magic/Suns but even if that match up occurs, i still won't watch.

The Bulls fired Vinny Del Negro... Never even should have hired him... Never should have fired Skiles...

The Cavs are on the brink of elimination. LeBron becomes a free agent on July 1st.

Illinois Jr. Forward Mike Davis withdrew from the NBA Draft. Same goes for Jr. Guard Demetri McCamey.

Astros/Cardinals 5-11: Part Three: The Game

By: Guido

Eventful happenings
Top 1
Matsui HBP
Bot 1
Ludwick walks and later scores on Holliday ground out. Pujols singles. 1-0
Top 2
Bot 2
Top 3
Singles for Manzella and Bourn
Bot 3
Freese hits in Ludwick. 2-0
Top 4
Bot 4
Schumaker singles, advances to second on a wild pitch and gets thrown out at the plate on a Brad Penny single. I could hear my cheer echo through out Busch.
Top 5
Manzella caught stealing
Bot 5
Pujols hits into a double play. He made it about half way to first
Top 6
Bot 6
Top 7
Lee reaches base on Brendan Ryan throwing error. Pence doubles. Blum HBP. Lee scores on Manzella sac fly. Sullivan singles and Pence scores. Quintero singles and Blum scores. Bourn singles and Sullivan singles. Astros lead 4-2
Bot 7
Many Card fans head for the exits. Jon Jay singles. Ludwick hits Jay in. 4-3
Top 8
Berkman homers. Pence homers after losing his bat into the stands. No one was hurt. More "Fans" leave. 6-3
Bot 8
1-2-3 More "fans" leave
Top 9
Bot 9
Stavinoha singles. Ludwick K's to end it

W: Brett Myers L: Brad Penny SV: Matt Lindstrom

Astros 6 Cardinals 3

Astros/Cardinals 5-11: Part Two: The Fans

By: Guido

It's was toned down crowd for Busch. I don't think they were drinking as heavily as they usually do. I saw a handful of Astros fans and one Cubs fan in a Nomar jersey. He was a pretty big fella so I'm sure they left him alone.

There were a ton of Pujols and Molina jerseys in the stands, and then maybe a handful of Wainwrights, Hollidays and Ecksteins. I saw one of each of the following: Smith, Edmonds, Duncan, Warfield, Renteria, Rolen, McGwire and Vina. I'm not too sure why you wouldn't throw some of those old wash rags away.

One of those contests they had on the big screen was a guess the phrase game. The answer was "Best Fans in Baseball". Imagine that. I didn't think you could give yourself a nickname. It doesn't work that way. You earn a nickname. Good or bad, you earn it. That's just asking for other team's fans to hate you. Why do they get to claim themselves as the best? Haven't the Cubs and their fans been through a lot? And their fan's are still there. And what about teams who have never won anything? Don't they deserve some recognition for sticking around?

Do the "Best Fans in Baseball" know that they are cheering and loving one of the laziest players in the game in Albert Pujols? That guy doesn't run out shit. More on him later.

The Cards had a 2-0 lead before Brad Penny blew it in the 7th. The Astros were up 4-2 in the bottom of the 7th and Card fans started heading for the gates. Woah! "Best Fans in Baseball" just giving up on their team? I guess it only makes sense. Their motto is "Play Like a Cardinal" and with Pujols just giving up on every hit, why can't they just give up on the game? Excellent message, Cards.

This is why every Cards win is a killer and every loss is so sweet. Watching them lose gives you the feeling you would have had if OJ was found guilty in criminal court. When the Cards lose, justice is served.

Astros/Cardinals 5-11: Part One: Busch Stadium

By: Guido

While it is a very nice looking ballpark, Busch has just way too much crap going on. Whether it's because the common fan lacks the attention span to watch the entire game or too many idiots are bringing their toddlers to the game, who knows?

The merch stands and food stands are fine. The store doesn't bother me either. It's all the other crap going on. You've got a batting game and speed pitch deal that I know is common place anymore at ballparks, but is it really necessary? Shouldn't the "Best Fans in Baseball" be watching the game rather than clowning around?

Another attention grabber would be all the garbage that's showing on the jumbo screen. Games, fan contests, marriage proposals and ads flash in front of your eyes. With the guessing games, people actually take it seriously and cheer if the selected the best answer. Like it matters! No one cares if you correctly picked which hat had the ball under it or what the attendance is. You shouldn't cheer that. You should be cheering that it's over and the next inning is starting.

The worst thing about Busch is all the singing and dancing going on. Kids from the ages of 5 to high school are singing and dancing their hearts out. Why? Is this what the creeps in St. Louis like? They're goddamn pervs! I know it's to put asses in the seats, but if the only way you can do it is by offering schools a chance to do dance/choir/gymnastics before the game, you need to reevaluate your team and fanbase.

When you have to put on a show just to keep people at the game, then you've already lost those people. That's what gives Wrigley it's charm. No gimmicks. No performances. Win or lose, it's always baseball.

Astros/Cardinals 5-11: Prologue

By: Guido

This wasn't my first trip to Busch stadium. Actually, I doubt I could even guess how many times I've watched a game there. Most of them have been fairly enjoyable. I've yet to witness the Cards defeat the Cubs at new or old Busch.

I've been to far more games at Busch as opposed to games at Wrigley. This is mainly due to location as it's such a bitch to navigate through Chicago and find parking and the red line. Parking around Busch is plentiful but the price is usually too high. But at least you can actually park by the stadium. That's the one advantage Busch has over Wrigley.

I do plan on attending a Cubs game this season. The way things are going, I could probably score some cheap tickets now and then watch them win the division in the fall.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tomorrow I will be posting my musings on Tuesdays Cards/Astros game that I attended. If your a fan of the Cards, I would cover my eyes. What I saw wasn't pretty...


Wednesday, May 5, 2010