Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nick Diaz: whiny baby, thug or misunderstood?

By: Clay

If you aren't familiar with UFC welterweight fighter Nick Diaz, let me give you the scoop. Nick hails from the "209", aka Stockton, California. He attended one year at Tokay High School before dropping out to practice mixed martial arts. In the most recent UFC Primetime show, his coaches never once mentioned that they were disappointed he dropped out of school to train. Apparently they didn't care.

I'm just gonna list this shit because of how much there is on this guy, er, child. So, eventually Diaz becomes a pretty damn good fighter. He ends up in the UFC, wins some and lose some. After a hard fought loss, Diaz gets into a post-fight brawl with Riggs at the hospital. Suffered a six month suspension as a result of testing positive for marijuana after his victory over Takanori Gomi at Pride 23. By the way, the Nevada State Athletic Commission stated that a positive THC level would be at 15. Diaz's THC level was 175. Wowzers.

After a loss via doctor stoppage (cuts) to KJ Noons at EliteXC: Renegade, Diaz flipped the bird to the doc and shoved a camera out of his face. After Noon's win over Corbbery at EliteXC's "Return of the King" in Noon's native Hawaii, EliteXC officials brought Nick and Nate Diaz into the ring to talk about a possible rematch with Noons. Nick said to Noons, "don't be scared, homie", which prompted KJ Noon's father, Carl to lunge at Nick. Official were quick to separate the parties. The Diaz bros were then seen flipping off the crowd and Noons' corner. The rematch never happened as Noons' manager said, " As far as Nick Diaz, he's not the number one contender out there".

Nick was then scheduled to face Jay Hieron for the welterweight title at Strikeforce: Carano vs Cyborg, however Diaz failed to attain his fight license because he didn't attend the pre-fight drug test. So the fight was canceled as well as the crowning of the first Strikeforce welterweight champion. Six months later, Diaz was given another shot to be the first Strikeforce welterweight champion and this time he showed up, defeating Marius Zaromskis be ref stoppage in the first round. Undeserved second chances would become a theme for Diaz.

All hell broke loose at Strikeforce: Nashville in April 2010. During Diaz training partner Jake Shields' post fight interview, Jason "Mayhem" Miller came into the cage and interrupted Shields by asking for a rematch. Miller was then pushed by Shields and another traing partner, Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez. Nick Diaz then threw a punch at Miller which then started and all out one sided brawl. Nick and Nate Diaz, Melendez, attacked Miller while he was being restrained on the met by other members of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu camp. Eventually security, referees and members of Dan Henderson's corner came to the aid of Miller and stopped the brawl. 

Once the UFC purchased Strikeforce, fans clamored for both organizations champions to fight. So, Dana White makes the decision to have Nick fight Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137. Diaz "missed" a flight to Toronto for a press conference promoting the fight. Then, Nick "missed" another flight to Las Vegas to promote the fight. Angered and worried that Diaz would no-show for the GSP fight, White removed Diaz from the fight and gave it to Carlos Condit. Dana White stated about Nick, "I will never accept his word again". When Diaz finally opened communication with the UFC, Dana gave him a fight with BJ Penn. Gsp eventually injured himself during training for the Condit fight, so that bout was scrapped and Penn/Diaz became the main event. Diaz won by decision and then called out St. Pierre, claiming that GSP wasn't really hurt. At the post fight press conference, Dana would give Diaz another chance to fight for the title.

While training for his UFC 143 fight with Nick Diaz, GSP injured his ACL, thus opening the door for Carlos Condit to step in and fight Nick Diaz for the interim welterweight title. Condit avoided Diaz's strikes and didn't get sucked into Diaz's game of trash talking during the fight and showing up your opponent. Carlos won by unanimous decision due largely in part of Diaz failing to make adjustments to the strategy of movement and counter striking employed by Condit. In the post fight interview, a very disrespectful Diaz stated "he didn't need this shit" and would retired because he felt he won the match without question. 

With GSP out until November, Dana decided to give Diaz an immediate rematch against Carlos Condit. Condit, wanting to wait for the GSP fight, did as champions do and accepted the rematch. And that is where we stand.

Now, after all the shit Nick Diaz has done, the only real punishment he received was the six month suspension. Here's Nick after his victory of BJ Penn.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clay's NFL Playoff Predictions

By: Clay

Round One

  • 5 Steelers over 4 Broncos
  • 6 Bengals over 3 Texans
  • 4 Giants over  5 Falcons
  • 3 Saints over 6 Lions
Round Two

  • 1 Patriots over 6 Bengals
  • 2 Ravens over 5 Steelers
  • 4 Giants over 1 Packers
  • 3 Saints over 2 49ers
Conference Championships
  • 2 Ravens over 1 Patriots
  • 4 Giants over 3 Saints
Super Bowl
  • Giants over Ravens

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Espinosa Redemption Arrives

Topps didn't waste any time processing their Danny Espinosa auto's from 2011 Topps Chrome. Still waiting on my 2010 Topps UFC Knock Out Anderson Silva auto? Does he not know how to write is name? Perhaps I should ask Uncle Chael to go down to Sao Paulo and make him sign it over a steak dinner. MEDIUM RARE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

'11 Fantasy Football Champion Crowned

By: Clay

A big hearty congratulatory toot toot goes out to Josh Davis and his team "The Foot Fist Way", as he captured his first ever Sports Jerks Fantasy Football Championship. Davis entered the playoffs as the three seed with a 9-4 record. Josh's team was led by Cam Newton, Megatron, and Ray Rice.

Schimmy's team, Schimmy and my team, Fabulous Flocculence finished second and third respectivly.