Monday, June 16, 2008

UFC 86 Preview

By: Guido

UFC 86 is still 19 days away but I'm already squeezing my butt cheeks together with excitement. I have already cleared July 5th of all duties and work. The build up will be killer, probably causing a few anxiety attacks and the nervous shits. But at least I will have something to do to pass the time(note to self: make sure you have plenty of toilet paper).

Dana White and the UFC have put together an excellent fight card. Much better than last month's injury riddled dud. Patrick Cote, Joe "Daddy" Stevenson and Josh Koscheck will be participating in the matches leading up to the title bout.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is ranked by as the number one light heavyweight in the world. Jackson is the favorite despite only defending his title once since beating Chuck Liddel last May. Oh yeah, he also hits like a ton of bricks and howls at nothing in particular. Jackson is big on the intimidation factor. He has mastered the art of the scowling while making his eyes seem as if they are huge, dark, lifeless pits. By the way, he punches very, very hard. He a bulky chain around his neck and

Forrest Griffin won the first season of The Ultimate Fighter after beating Stephan Bonner by decision in a 3 round war. More often than not, Forrest is left smiling after a fight while blood covers his face. Forrest does have quality wins on his resume, but to me it doesn't seem like he has enough. MMAWeekly ranks him as the number 6 light heavyweight in the world and I can agree with that. I think the UFC picked Forrest because of his popularity and charisma. I'm just afraid that it may be too soon.

There will be a long list of contenders for the fighter that walks away a champion. IF they walk away...

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