Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Recap

BY: Guido

Early Wednesday morning UFC President Dana White announced a fight card set for July 19 on Spike TV. The Fight Night main event will feature UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva(21-4) stepping up to light heavyweight to face James Irvin(14-4). Due to the lack of competion in the middleweight division, Silva(6-0 in the UFC) may take more fights as a light heavyweight. This could also lead to a huge money maker for the UFC if they can book a Silva/Liddel match down the road.

The Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA title. I couldn't care less but I hear that Ben Affleck is very aroused. He even offered to move out of Matt Damon's house.

Reed Johnson tried to pull a David Eckstein-like squeeze play during last nights Cubs/Rays game. Despite Troy Percival and Dioner Navarro's efforts to throw the game, the Rays edged out a victory against the best team(record-wise) in baseball. The Rays are no slouches themselves, boasting a 41 and 29 record. Finally all the nursing and retirement home residents have a ball club they can be proud of. The highways and interstates should be safe until these old geezers start driving to the games.

Tiger Woods will miss the rest of the golf season(they have a season?) by undergoing a season-ending knee operation. The fact that he has been playing on a bum knee all year is quite impressive. Tiger won 5 of the 7 tournys he was in this year. I doubt a healthy Tiger will lose at all next year. Hype train starts in December! All aboard! Toot Toot!

"Hamburger Face" Walker was released from the hospital today. He plans on picking up GTA V: NBA vs NFL and playing it at his homeslices' crib.


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Yeah, and he looks like he is enjoying it.