Monday, February 8, 2010


by: Guido

Idiots. Forgotten? Really? He must not live there. Fool. I think it's a little early to say that a Super Bowl victory makes you forget about Hurricane, uh...what one was it again? Andrew? Clyde. Ah screw it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowel Movement

By: Guido

I pooped three times during the Super Bowl. That's pretty much all that happened. The Saints won their first SB by a score of 31-17 over the Colts. Not my pick but oh well.

It's funny how much the Saints owner loves New Orleans considering the fact that he had been wanting to move them to LA before Hurricane Katrina. the media would have lynched his ass had he moved them after that. But since they've finally won, might as well move 'em.

Hurricane Katrina was a terrible thing but it in no way has anything to do with football. So, how this Super Bowl victory makes up for Katrina, I have no clue. Basically, it just means that the Saints won all their games that they needed to. It happens to one team every year in each sport (unless there is a strike of some sort). The story lines are endless for each team and you can always point to one event and say it's destiny. It's not. Things just happen.

I missed the Tim Tebow commercial but I did see it later on. No big deal. He was pretty much just blowing smoke up our asses to get publicity for it. It was pretty much pointless...same goes for all the commercials.

The Who minus 2 were OK. I've seen better. It's not really The Who, though. I mean, two of the four guys are dead so is it even the same entity? No. However, Pete Townsend managed to not whip out any kiddie porn on stage so good for him and CBS. By the way, let's move on from the classic rock bands at halftime. As a matter of fact, let's just get rid of the halftime show. It's boring, old and it serves no point what so ever. Sure, Tom Petty is great but I don't want to see him play his three most popular songs and then be done. I want to see a whole set. I say move the music to afterwards and just make a party out of it.

The celebrity predictions need to stop too. Serena Williams and Kenny Chesney aren't gonna persuade me to root in any particular direction.

Also, let's move the Pro Bowl to mid-season. Every other sport plays their All-Star game at mid season so the NFL should too. Hell, they get six days off between games. Plus, it's not like they are actually trying in the Pro Bowl. They just fuck around. And another thing, if you get voted to the Pro Bowl, you have to play. Its so ridiculous how many players opt out of playing because they have better things to do. Last I checked, it was an honor to be voted an All-Star, so fucking go to the game.

Finally, let's move the Super Bowl up a week. Two weeks is too much. It's not even for the teams. It's for the media and shit to get ready for the game. I don't need the two weeks of pre game. I don't give a fuck. Play the game the Sunday following the conference championships. Football is supposed to be a rough sport but those man-children sure do get alot of time off. I know they aren't making quite as much money in the pros as they did in college but come on. Baseball players are at it for 162 games and sometimes get only a couple days off a month. Plus they travel alot and play night games and day games, sometimes back to back! I don't hear them complaining.

I rate this years Super Bowl 4 out of 10 turds. The onside kick was the most exciting part. Other than that, it didn't do anything for me. My final score prediction was way of, as I expected it to be. Colts 3 Saints 2. Do you know how hard it is to predict a final score? Why do it then? Most people take the fun out of it anyway because they get so serious about it. I was also off on my super bowl prediction of Eagles and Steelers. I will have better luck next year. Bears over Colts.