Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Watch List Volume 1

By: Guido

Marcus Thames, I have my eye on you. You have 7 home runs in your last 7 games and yet, only 13 on the season. My friend, that just doesn't add up. Are you on something? Have you met Mr. Bako? In Dusty do you trusty?

Last night you hit a dinger to a part of AT&T Park that only Barry Bonds has ever reached.

"That’s good company,” Thames said. “I used to love watching him hit here. He was one of my favorites.”

My ass. Good Company? Seriously? I guess by comparison it's ok. I mean, nobody is, was, and ever will be a bigger cheat than Bonds, so Thames doesn't have to worry about that. But at the rate Thames is hitting lately, one has to wonder. Marcus, you are on the watch list.

Also, Edgar Renteria collected his 2,000 hit. At least he didn't do it in a Cardinals uniform.

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