Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh Cripes

By: Guido

Do I really have to like this Edmonds guy? Because I don't want to like him. Can I just acknowledge him and be done with it? Or do I have to embrace him. Embrace Jim Edmonds. Embrace him as a decent left-handed bat. As a Chicago Cub.

It's going to take some time but maybe. Maybe I can do it. He was always such a hot dog bastard in St. Louis. But now...he plays for my team. I will say this. I don't WANT to like the guy. Still, I have to respect him. Plus, the Cubs basically got him for nothing. He sure beats the hell out of Felix Pie. Or Brant Brown. Or Corey Patterson. Or Randall Simon. Or Rickey Gutierrez. Or Glenallen Hill.

All that matters are these two words(x2) Cubs win! Cubs win! Which, by the way, they did.

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