Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just A Thought

By: Guido

Since Cedric Benson has to install an ignition-lock breath tester in his car, is it safe to say that the Bears will install one on Olin Kruetz's ass if Kyle Orton is the starting QB?

If a professional hockey team hires a new coach, will anyone care? That's one of those questions that answers itself.

Since the Cubs home win streak ended at 14, does that make 14 the new 13? Friday the 14th? Unlucky number 14?

Yahoo!sports said that "Maria Sharapova's outfit turned heads in her
first-round win." Well, do you suppose that heads were turning to watch the ball go back and forth? Who sits at a baseball game and says "Hey, I think Price Fielder is wearing tighter pants these days"?

Maple bats are dangerous in baseball. The syrup makes them stick to your hands. Weak.

How is winning a ballgame 19-10 a rout? You gave up 10 runs. YOU should have gotten your ass kicked. 19-0, now that's a rout.

Just a thought. Pray for me Pacman.

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