Friday, June 13, 2008

Wha Wha What?

By: Guido

All I can say about the Cardinals 20-2 lose to the Phillies on Friday night is "Loves It"!

It's too bad the it has taken an injury to Pujols for the Cardinals to play and pitch like their roster says they should. Though, they have had a good ride so far this season. Unfortunately for STL fans, the overachieving has come to an end.

As I sit here and pick the scab on my knee, I am reminded that even without Alfonso Soriano the Cubs should be primed to take an even bigger lead in the NL Central. Hey, and Jim Edmonds isn't even using his walker in center field this year! Holla! Holla!

Is this the "Year Of The Cub"? We will found out come late September. But one thing is for sure, the Memphis Redbirds version of the Cardinals isn't going anywhere but down. Though, they still may trade for another Oakland CY Young contender down the road. He will also probably have arm trouble when he starts his first full season in STL. Dana Eveland anyone?

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