Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Truth Hurts

By: Guido

Do we really have to jump all over Don Imus. The man spoke the truth. Though, Imus did say that Pacman Jones should not have been arrested as many times as he had. And that's a load of shit. He should have been arrested. Imus also said that "everybody does something once." This is true as well but, people do things more than once. What I'm saying is, if you get arrested, you deserved it.

Turn on the television. Put it on ESPNews or CNN or whatever. Now, wait for a story about a white athlete shooting at some guys at a club or getting a DUI. You won't see it. White athletes get intro for two things. 'Roid rage and not paying child support(one child, by the way).

It doesn't look good for African Americans when they are represented by touble making athletes. It's not that these athletes are representing the whole race but at the same time, they are. You're not going to hear about the good things a person does on a regular basis. That's what's expected. To be a good citizen and not cause a ruckus.

Maybe we all need to lower or standards and just have segregation for professional sports. That way it will seem normal for the black athletes to cause trouble and for the white athletes to be great heroes that eat their veggies and pop their vitamins(aka steroids).

If getting arrested six times still doesn't help the cause with Pacman Jones, or in that case, any black athlete getting caught breaking the law, then maybe its time to get the hose out. These athletes are making an entire race of people seem like uneducated heathens and another race look like racist bigots.

Pray for me Pacman. Pray for me.

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