Monday, February 28, 2011

Now on EBAY From Me

By: Clay

It's hard to part with that sweet auto of William Ocean but I need to make room for this years coming Allen & Ginter set. I'm still debating if I should put my Sig Hansen AUTO on Ebay...

First Look: 2011 ALLEN & GINTER

2011 Allen & Ginter Baseball Product Details

Release Date: Mid-July, 2011
Box Configuration: 24-Packs Per Box/6-Cards Per Pack
Pack Price: $3-$4
Product Type: Mid-End Vintage Baseball
Geared Toward: Allen & Ginter junkies, Code crackers, Rip card fans, Collectors who like odd things, Collectors who enjoy products that feature more than just baseball players, Autograph collectors, Relic collectors, DNA Relic seekers, Set builders

What's In The Box:
3 Hits Per Box

Product Highlights/Details:
Topps promises that the latest version of Allen & Ginter will provide the “most-exciting and wide-ranging autograph list in its history.”
Base Set Structure: 300 regular cards/50 short prints (270 veterans, 30 rookies, 15 historical figures, 35 World Champions).
Rip Card madness returns (1 per case)- original Allen & Ginter tobacco cards, mini paintings from artist Jeff Zachowski, red-ink autographs, mini SPs and 1/1 mini wood cards.
New Die-Cut Cabinets Cards that form a map of the U.S.A.
New Season, New Ginter Code!
Names on the Auto Checklist: Lou Holtz, Manny Pacquiao, Jake LaMotta (Raging Bull), John McEnroe, Annika Sorenstam, Kyle Petty, Peter Gammons, Picabo Street, Stan Lee, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Jim Nantz, Dick Vitale, Chuck Woolery (Love Connection), Rudy Ruettiger (that Rudy), Geno Auriemma, Micky Ward (The Fighter), Cheryl Burke (Dancing With the Stars), Daniel Boulud (Chef), Guy Fieri (Food Network), Marc Fargione (Iron Chef).
MLB Stars on the Auto Checklist: Albert Pujols, Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard, Jason Heyward, Aroldis Chapman, Joe Mauer.
"Uninvited Guests" insert set - tales of the paranormal and unexplained.
"Floating Fortresses" insert set - famed battleships that held their own in the seas and oceans of the world.
"Minds that Made the Future" insert set - Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton and other brilliant minds that shaped the world of the now.
"Step Right Up" insert set - all the stars, freaks and attractions of carnival sideshow.
Other insert sets - "The Ascent of Man", "Hometown Heroes", “Flora of the World”, "Animals in Peril", "Highlight Sketch Cards"
Early names on the relic auto checklist: Buster Posey, Felix Hernandez, Jason Heyward, Chase Utley and Evan Longoria.
1 mini card per pack - wood, cloth, Bazooka, -no-number, black border, Allen & Ginter back and standard.
Types of standard relics: printing plates, framed Relics, DNA Relics and book cards
DNA Relic checklist: Geronimo, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, Edgar Allen Poe, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, King George III, Jefferson Davis, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Allen & Ginter returns for a sixth season of mystery, oddities, rip cards and code cracking this July. The latest incarnation of the cardboard version of the World's Fair features a revamped card design and autographs from Manny Pacquiao, Peter Gammons and Stan Lee

This sounds like a titilating set.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Wonderful Diamond Giveaway Cards

By: Clay

Let's take a look at what wonderful prizes I have redeemed from the Topps Diamond Giveawy. Is it really even a Diamond Giveway?

2011 Andrew Bailey (Diamond Cut card)
2007 Joe Nathan
2007 Vernon Wells
2006 Randy Wolf
2001 Mike Remlinger
1996 Tony Castillo
1995 Chris Gwynn
1994 Mike Harkey
1993 Mark Langston
1993 Danny Darwin
1992 Gerald Young
1990 Daryl Boston
1989 Jose Lind
1989 Mike Henneman
1989 Ozzie Smith all-star
1988 Howard Johnson
1988 Tom Candotti
1988 Chris Bosio
1988 Dan Schatzeder
1987 Steve Lake
1975 NL Championship
1975 Steve Mingori
1975 Steve Kline
1974 Richie Scheinblum
1974 Pete Broburg
1974 Ken McMullen
1973 Rico Carty
1973 Ken Berry
1973 Darrel Chaney
1973 Danny Walton
1969 Johnny Edwards
1967 Floyd Robinson
1961 Dick Brown

UFC 127 Predictions

By: Clay

Chris Camozzi over Kyle Noke
Chris Lytle over Brian Ebersole

The hearts of the Australian fans will be broken when Dennis Siver slips by George Sotiropoulos on the judges score cards.

The ref will step in and save Jorge Rivera from Michael Bisping's precision ground and pound sometime in round 2.

I wish I could say that I see BJ Penn working over Fitch easily... Penn by decision.

Michael Bisping has faced top notch talent in the UFC's middleweight division. So why hasn't he gotten a title shot yet or even been named to fight in a contender's match? Fighting Jorge Rivera is a BIG step back in my opinion. And I know Bisping will fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him but this is ridiculous. Other than the knockout at UFC 100 by Dan Henderson, Bisping has only been defeated by decision. Once by Rashad Evans (light heavyweight split) and Wanderlei Silva (unanimous). Bisping has been rocked in fights but has always displayed the ability to remain calm and not take damage and then turn the fight around (Kang UFC 105 and Sexyama UFC 120).

Jorge Rivera is NOT a step up in competition for Bisping, he's two steps back.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recent Ebay Wins

I Had Tommy John on Both Knees

By: Clay

Adam Wainwright is out til 2012. Ouch! Wainwright is due to have Tommy John surgery which will leave the Cards very short on decent pitching. I've heard a few things on this today.

AFTER it was found out the Wainwright was injured(just not the extent), White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle said that he would be willing to waive his no-trade clause "if it came down to it, I would do it for [White Sox chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] and the team because they have done enough for me. I'm sure if we play bad in the first half and there's no way of getting back into it and they don't think there's a chance and they are starting to trade away guys, I would probably be one of the first guys to go. With my contract expiring, they could dump money and get prospects." Buehrle grew up a Cardinals fan and is due to become a free agent after the 2011 season. However, I'm not really sure what DeWitt and the Cards have to offer.

Given the amount it's gonna take to re-sign Pujols, you have to wonder if the Cards should even bother trading for Buehrle or Joe Blanton or trying to sign a free agent, such as Kevin Millwood. Maybe the best thing for them to do is just promote some of their farm system and see what happens. With Dave Duncan in the mix, Cards pitching usually finds a way to succeed even if the talent really isn't there.

The Dayton News reported that the Reds' Jonny Gomes and manager Dusty Baker were celebrating upon hearing the news of Wainwrights injury. Gomes even went as far as to sing "Wainwright's Gone!" while walking through the clubhouse at spring training. Hilarious! This sounds like he may have been singing it to the tune of Lynryd Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone", which is a classic, CLASSIC song. Gomes denies doing so. I think the whole thing is hilarious 10x over. However, the Reds should be more worried about the Brewers and the Phillies. The Cards were never gonna be in contention this year anyway.

Cards pitcher Chris Carpenter said today that he would be open to a midseason trade as he will be a free agent following this season. This is proving to be a difficult season for the Cards and spring training games haven't even started yet. Along with Pujols and Carpenter, La Russa will be off contract with the Cards.

Edmonds Through The Years

By: Clay

Boy, did ol Jimmy Ballgame ever have some highlights. I mean, Just check out that Zack Morris hair. La Russa was his Mr. Belding and Pujols was his AC Slater. Who was Scott Rolen, you ask? Kelly Kapowski, duh! With Rick Ankiel as Jessie Spano and Josh Hancock as Lisa Turtle. Has anyone even heard from her in the past few years?

Matt Garza @ Spring Training

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dempster To Start Opening Day

By: Clay

Cubs manager Mike Quade has named Ryan Dempster the opening day starter. As of now, Zambrano and Garza will follow Dempster in the rotation. As my friend Ritz says, "I like that because Big Z always takes beatings on opening day".

There are two reasons I like this. For one, Zambrano doesn't deserve it. He has been a complete jackass the past couple years and the Cubs don't owe it to him to name him the opening day starter. My other reason is that Matt Garza simply hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself in a Cubs uni so by defeault, he cannot be the opening day starter.

As for the other two rotaion spots, they have yet to be named. There are a handful of guys competing. I, for one, hope we can move Randy Wells and either Jeff Baker or Blake DeWitt to Colorado for Eric Young, JR. This, assuming Michael Young gets traded to Colorado AND EY JR isn't involved in that transaction. Then I would put Carlos Silva and Andrew Cashner in the rotation.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Wal-Mart Gods Smiled On Me

By: Clay

I decided to purchase two packs of 2011 Topps this evening. Excellent choice. High Five!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maynard's Possible Replacement

By: Clay

The Bears signed punter Richmond McGee to a 2-year contract. He may replace Brad Maynard, who is due to become an unrestricted free agent. I fully expect Maynard to resign with the Bears.

Fedor's Status

By: Clay

I had the opportunity to watch the StrikeForce event on showtime the other night. Boy, does Fedor look slow. Maybe he looks that way because I haven't seen him fight anyone worth a crap over the past few years and now that he has, he just doesn't look right. Does that make since.

I don't think he should retire though. He should test himself in his training and his next fight. He needs to prove that he is the best fighter and that he has just fallen victim to his own hype and his management setting up easy fights for him.

His management team is his biggest downfall. A couple years ago, Fedor could have been in the UFC fighting the best fighters in the world AND all the while being exposed to the American fanbase, many of which don't know anything past what the UFC shows them. He could have made himself more money behind UFC Fights and UFC marketing. He could have gotten paid just to show up at various fight cards that he wouldn't have been scheduled to fight on. Not to mention the UFC fan expos.

Fedor could have made himself a legend 10 times over. Now, we'll just look at his fight record and wonder what might have been. Even if he came to the UFC and didn't win a fight, those losses would still be crediable and respectable losses. Look at Randy Couture. His record isn't all that great but due to the fact that he has fought the best fighters in the world, won some and lost some, Randy is still considered a legend in MMA.

I'm not saying that Fedor isn't and won't remain a legend. He COULD have been a god.

Friday, February 18, 2011

More 2011 Topps Loot

By: Clay

A-Ram and Big Z relics, Topps Diamond Parallels and those stupid exlusive Wal-Mart ones. At least the wally world ones are of guys I collect.

Cubs Flashback: Hee Seop Choi!

By: Clay

Next to the A-Ram trade, the Choi/Derrek Lee trade was the Cubs best. It worked out well for both the Marlins and Cubs. Choi got off to a hot start in 2004 and the Marlins quickly capitalized and traded him, as they do, and Choi never got the chance to shine. Dodgers' manager Jim Tracy benched Choi in favor of veteran players at first base. Choi currently plays for the KBO Kia Tigers. In 2009, Choi won a Gold Glove and finished first in runs and second in homers.

Still, his biggest hit remains the June 7th, 2003 collision with Kerry Wood that landed Choi on the DL and forced the Cubs to trade Ray Sadler (who?) to the Pirates for sausage king Randall Simon. This was almost a month after trading Bobby Hill, Jose Hernandez, and Matt Bruback to the Pirates for Kenny Lofton and Aramis Ramirez.

Jim Edmonds Career Profile

By: Clay

1993-1999 California/Anaheim Angels
2000-2007 St. Louis Cardinals
2008 San Diego (Whales Vagina) Padres
2008 Chicago Cubs
2010 Milwaukee Brewers
2010 Cincinnati Reds
2011 Retired on St. Louis Cardinals Minor League Contract

Finished in Top 5 of MVP voting twice - 2000, 2004
4-time All-Star
8 Gold Gloves - 97, 98, 00-05
Silver Slugger - 2004

Career Stats
BA .283
HR 393
H 1949
RBI 1199
FLD% .988
E 58
A 158
PO 4927
Games 1935
Inn 15757.2

Postseason Stats
Games 64
AB 230
BA .274
R 33
HR 13
RBI 42
OBP .361

Fun Facts
Jim ranks 20th all-time in career strike outs (1729).
Jim ranks 7th all-time in assists as a CF (115).

Little Known NL Central Facts

By: Clay

Most RBI, NL Central Division History

1. Sammy Sosa - 1,296
2. Jeff Bagwell - 1,263
3. Albert Pujols - 1,230
4. Lance Berkman - 1,090
5. Aramis Ramirez - 1,029
6. Craig Biggio - 919
7. Jim Edmonds - 785
8. Geoff Jenkins - 704
9. Adam Dunn - 646
10. Sean Casey - 633

You would think, hey, where is Mark McGwire? well, his juiced up ass only produced 473 rbi in the NL Central. Point Sosa!

Best 2010 NL ERA After All-Star Game(70+IP)

1. Carlos Zambrano - 1.58
2. Daniel Hudson - 2.07
3. Wandy Rodriguez - 2.11
4. Cole Hamels - 2.23
5. Roy Oswalt - 2.36
6. Tommy Hanson - 2.51
7. Jonathan Sanchez - 2.61
8(tie). Roy Halladay and Brett Myers - 2.81
10. Clayton Kershaw - 2.84

Oh Big Z, how I hope you continue this into the 2011 season.

Edmonds Calls It A Day

By: Clay

It's always nice to break something before yahoo! sports. Jim Edmonds has announced his retirement today. The former NL Central whore apparently doesn't have the lust for the game as he used to.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coach Q in Hospital

CHICAGO (AP)—The Chicago Blackhawks say coach Joel Quenneville was in stable condition after being admitted to a hospital with an undisclosed illness.

In a statement, team physician Dr. Michael Terry says it is “not of cardiac nature” and that tests are ongoing. Quenneville started feeling discomfort at his suburban Chicago home late Tuesday, went to an emergency room and was admitted early Wednesday morning.

General manager Stan Bowman says assistant coach Mike Haviland will fill in when the Blackhawks host Minnesota on Wednesday.

Pujols Contract Deadline Passes Without Deal

By: Clay

The panic button has been pressed in St. Louis.

Pujols and the Cards failed to come to terms on a contract extension by their noon deadline. Now, this increases the likelihood that Pujols will be a free agent after the world series but, they could still work something out midseason. Though, Pujols said that he didn't want to deal with it during the season. Pujols will also use his no-trade clause if the organization tried to move him.

Well, well, well, St. Louis. You really screwed the pooch on this one. The greatest player in baseball and the man who has defined your organization since Musial may very well suit up next season in pinestripes, in Boston, at Shea or, gasp, in CUBBIE BLUE! Oh yes, we may be seeing "Cubs take in up the Pujols" t-shirts very soon.

Granted, Pujols is seeking alot of money. 10yrs and $300 million to be exact. The Cardinals have been known not to want to pay alot of money but geez, don't you think in this case you try and sign the guy. In athletic pay terms, he is worth it. Pujols is worth every dime of that contract because of what he brings to the team, the organization and the asses he puts in the seats. With the exception of 2005*, Pujols has been the best player in the league over the past 7 years or so.

By the way, La Russa, you are a complete dumbass.

* 2005 was the season in which Derrek Lee was robbed of the NL MVP when, clearly, he had the best statistical year a MLB player has ever had in the history of baseball.

Random Cubs Legends

Here are your random Cubs Legends.

Recent Cubs Additions to the Collection

by: clay

These are some of my more recent additions to my ever growing Cubs collection. As you can see, these pics contain a good mix of 2010 and 2011 Topps as well as Bowman and Chromes and Allen & Ginter. I have dupes of most cards so if you see something you fancy, be sure to let me know.

Diamond Giveaway Is Up & Running...Sort Of

By: Clay

2011 Topps Diamond Giveaway is live. Although, the digging application is working properly. Maybe Topps should have done a trial run with this. Since 7am Tuesday morning and until now, I have been able to use all my digs. Anyone else having trouble with the application? So far I've unlocked:

1973 Danny Walton TWINS
1974 Pete Broberg RANGERS
1974 Ken McMullen DODGERS
1992 Gereld Young ASTROS
1989 Ozzie Smith CARDINALS
1975 Steve Kline INDIANS
1988 Chris Bosio BREWERS
1993 Danny Darwin RED SOX
2006 Randy Wolf PHILLIES
1988 Tom Candiotti INDIANS
2007 Joe Nathan TWINS
1961 Dick Brown TIGERS
1993 Mark Langston ANGELS
1994 Mike Harkey CUBS
1990 Daryl Boston WHITE SOX
1989 Mike Henneman TIGERS
1969 Johnny Edwards ASTROS

Rings I've unlocked:
Angels x2
Buffalo Bisons x2
Cincy Redlegs
Lousville Colonels
Montreal Expos
Seattle Pilots
Reggie Jackson
Roy Campanella

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 MLB Predictions

By: Clay

Red Sox (wild card)
Blue Jays

AL Central
White Sox

AL West

NL East
Braves (wild card)

NL Central

NL West

Twins over A's

Cubs over Rockies

World Series
Cubs over Twins

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Topps Part III

By: Clay

Well, here is the rest so far. I didn't include ToppsTown cards. Still the dumbest insert series to continue over the years. Last years Timeline series is this years Diamond Duos. Still an ok insert. Plus the Cards Your Mom Threw Out has turned into the 60 Years of Topps reprints. I do like those so far. Seems as though Topps has added Stan Musial to their man crush list along with Mantle. By the way, Mickey Mantle should not be on the regular checklist every year. That is getting old. Let's move on from Mantle. It's fine to keep him in inserts but jesus christ let's move on. If you look closely to the Jonathan Albaladejo relic card, you will see that damage I was talking ablout the other day. And by the way, do we really need a relic card of the 2010 International League Saves Leader? Hell no! Oh wait, he is in a damn Yankees uniform. Here is my other problem with Topps. They are in love with the Yankees and Red Sox. Topps, can we please have more small market team love?