Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just trying to do my part

By: Harvey

I don't really have much to get off my chest right at this moment, but Guido is out-posting me by about a 3:1 ratio so I feel as if I must do my part.

Some of the "baseball traditionalist" crowd is upset over Major League Baseball's assertion that it wants to have instant replay implemented for iffy home run calls by August. Let the umpires do their jobs, they say. Human error is a part of the game.

The funny thing is — if any one of these "traditionalists" were to see their favorite team ass-raped out of a postseason series or maybe just a crucial late-season game because of a blown home run call...I'll bet they'd be changing their tune faster than Star Jones "worked off" all that excess weight. Everybody has a price.

I'm all for it, myself. It's not like instant replay in the NFL. (P.S. - I'm also in favor of that, especially when it calls are reversed in my team's favor). It isn't going to be used that frequently. It's no different than when the umpires huddle up and talk it over. At least now we'll be assured they get it right.

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