Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, Please

By: Guido

The greatest turnaround EVER? Seriously? I'm not buyin' it, Boston.

Look, if the Celtics had won this championship with the same team that they had last season, then yeah, I'd be pretty damn impressed. But no. They went and got two of the best players in the game in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The Celtics were the favorites to win it all as soon as they aquired those two. How could they not?

Had they played like shit and missed the playoffs, then that would be dramatic. But they did exactly what teams do when they go out and get great players that play well together. They win.

Even with the ego problems that the Lakers had with Kobe and Shaq (then later with Malone and The Glove added) they still won. They still did what was expected of them. The Yankees go out and buy the best players in the game. No matter how many times the analysts say that George Stienbrenner made a bad move, the Yankees still make the playoffs. How can they not? They have some of the best players.

The Detroit Tigers have some of the best players that money can buy in baseball. They didn't start the season too well. At one point they were in last place and winless in their division. They are winning ballgames now. I guarantee they make the playoffs.

I know. I know. You can get a good look at a t-bone by sticking your head up a butcher's ass.'s your ass. Whatever.

Did anybody bet against the Celtics? Nobody outside of LA could have. Think of it this way. The Boston Celtics are a cereal bowl. Paul Pierce is a spoon. That's all you have. So what now? What can you do with just a bowl and a spoon? You can pretend but other than that you can't do shit. Ok, so say Ray Allen is milk. Add that to your bowl. Not bad, eh? Now your getting some where. Now say Kevin Garnett is a delicious cereal, say, Lucky Charms. Well pour that shit on there ya chowdahead.

So now you have a bowl filled with milk and Lucky Charms, not to mention a spoon to eat it with. Oh wait, there is a prize in the box! What can it be? Well it's exaclty what is on the box. A pot of gold, also know as an NBA Championship. Well la-di-freakin'-da. Who would have thought?

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