Friday, June 20, 2008

First Blood Drawn In Second City

By: Guido

Aramis Ramirez done did it again. He has proven again and again that he is the most clutch hitter on the Cubs roster. A-Ram's solo walk-off won it for the Cubs as the took game one tonite. It's the 23rd come back victory for the Cubs this season and the 7th straight road loss for the Chi-sox. However, John Danks pitched a great game as opposed to Ted "Tantrum" Lilly.

It may be too soon to call this weekends White Sox/Cubs series a potential World Series preview(wait til next weekend). Anything can and will happen. The Cubs just got swept in their previous potential World Series matchup against the hot Tampa Bay Rays. The Cubs are still missing a few pieces, in my humble opinion. It's never good when the alternative to Jason Marquis is Jon Lieber.

As for the Sox; the Tigers are starting to roll (get back on the bandwagon) and the Indians still have some time left to make a run if they make some decent trades. Besides, it's just a matter of time before Ozzie makes a racial slur directed at Mike Downey or Paul Sullivan.

So let's give it some time.

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