Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yankee Fans Cry Out

By: Guido

Apparently ESPN will be airing the last game at Yankee Stadium (yawn). This isn't sitting well with their fans because they don't like Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. Well guess what? Tough shit. You think I like turning on ESPnews for some quick game scores and only hearing about Joba fucking Chamberlain? Science H. Logic, would you rather have Joe Buck and Tim McCarver? Or Chris Berman? It could be a helluva lot worse.

If Yankee Stadium is so damn great, then why tear it down? Seriously. All Yankee fans should link their arms together and make a circle around the stadium. Did you ever see that episode of Saved By the Bell when Jessie Spano and some others chained themselves to something and chanted about oil drilling? Well I do, but I don't remember what else they did. Whatever. You get the picture.

You deserve Chris Berman doing play-by-play. Just to bastardize the whole "ceremony". Sure, it will give you something to bitch about until the end of time but it would be funny as heck I tell ya.

You know what my favorite memory of Yankee Stadium is? When Josh Beckett tagged out Hey-Whore Posada to win the World Series. That was cool even if the Cubs were sitting at home.

So come this October, cause the Yanks aren't making the playoffs, the hallowed grounds where legends like Richie Sexson, Carl Pavano, Aaron Small, Jim Abbott, Paul Assenmacher, John Mayberry, and Billy Crystal played, laughed, and cried will be toast. Finally!!!

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