Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Return to Sender

By: Guido

Daniel Ray asks: What are the chances of Manny Ramirez staying as a dodger in the long run? ...will the Dodgers be brave enough to sign him to a long term contract?

I can definitely see Manny playing in the National League next year. Only he won't be in L.A. but for just a three game set. Manny will be a Met. He will be a Met until he retires. I think there could be a slight chance for Manny to play in the A.L. next year but I can't imagine Manny and Scott Boras turning down the money that Omar Minaya and the NY Mets will offer.

Johnny Zavala asks: Do you think Joba Chamberlain is over hyped by the media?

As of right now, yes. Joba has got the stuff to be around for a long time but I think it's a little to early to be having updates on his visits with Dr. Andrews. Lots of players that are better than Joba get only half the praise and in-game updates that Joba does. It's just east coast biased by ESPN and other sports publications like Sports Illustrated(excellent fire starter material) and Yahoo! sports. There are other players out there that are playing on higher levels than Joba but due to the market that they are playing in, they go unnoticed by most sports "fans".

jetsmets asks: What are you 2008-2009 NFL predictions?

The Raiders will still suck. The Patriots and Colts will be earlier favorites. Phillip Rivers will be the ultimate demise of the Chargers. Eli Manning will prove that last season was a fluke. Tony Romo will dump Jessica Simpson for Jenna Fischer. Pacman Jones will stay clean. The Bears will not have an o-line but will have a quarterback. The Brett Favre media circus will drag on far too long. Whatever team ends up getting Favre will have all their games broadcasted in prime time. An AFC team will win the Superbowl against an overacheiveing NFC opponent.

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eccentric said...

You need to get Orton's dick out of your mouth. Yeah he has a neck beard and likes Zeppelin. Big fucking deal. When's the last time that the Bears had a QB worth a piss? That may or may not be the individual's fault....

With MannyB, anybody remember Mo Vaughn? Big time hitter that is old and has nothing to prove once that big four year contract (to a 38 year-old?) is signed. Please do not think that I am equating MannyB with Mo, but I just have a problem with paying some old fucker big bucks when you will only get one, maybe two productive years. But I think you are right...the Mets are desperate and dumb enough.