Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Orton Gets First Shot

By: Guido

Orton fans rejoice, but not too long. Though it isn't a definite decision, Orton will be starting against the Chiefs in the Bears pre-season opener.

Orton is getting the start over Rex because it would have been his turn to run the offense in practice. That is Lovie's plan. The Bears are taking turns at quarterback at camp. If Kyle wants to prove that he can run an offense, he better have a strong showing Thursday because Bears fans that hail from Chicago will be quick to encourage Lovie to go with Rex.

That's what I don't get. There isn't any patience with Chicagoans when it comes to the Bears quarterback situation. But when it comes to the Cubs, well that's another story. Seriously folks, we've seen what Rex can and can't do. Let's see what Orton has after all these years of holding Grossman's blank clipboard.

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eccentric said...

Stop drinking the damn Orton Kool-Aid.