Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ESPN likes to repeat themselves

By: Guido

During last nights Astros/Cubs wash out, I was reminded why I dislike ESPN so much. It all started with the Monday Night Baseball bonus coverage of the Yankees/Rangers game.

Joba Chamberlain is injured. It happened during the bonus coverage. ESPN exclusive! You saw it there first! As soon as Joba rubbed his right arm during a mound visit with the Yanks skipper and trainer, the play-by-play and color cronies for ESPN kept saying "Joba is hurt. Joba seems to have injured his arm".

Three seconds later it became the breaking news for ESPN and ESPNews. Breaking News: Joba Chamberlain leaves in the fifth with arm injury vs Rangers. Ten minutes later: Joba Chamberlain leaves game in fifth with shoulder injury. And then later: Joba Chamberlain leaves game with shoulder stiffness.

After Joba became stiff, Manny Parra and Prince Fielder had an altercation in the dugout during their game against the Reds. That's what you call it these days, an "altercation". I call it a fight. Trash talking followed by a couple shoves and a gagle of fellows holding on eof the guys back, that's the qualifications for a fight. An altercation is just a heated argument. No violence needed.

The Cubs game was still in delay so Baseball Tonight came on and it was time for that crew to shine. Do they dare talk about the game they are supposed to be showing? Yes, they give a quick mention to the rain and tornados. First let's get to the big news, they say. They show the Rangers/Yanks highlights and then talk about Joba's injury. As soon as they beat that like a dead horse (ex Barbaro), they moved on to the Brew Crew fight. Time for John Kruk to shine! He gives his opinion. Big Whoop.

For the next hour, ESPN would show an in game update followed by Joba's injury and then the Brewers fight. Over and over and over. I was actually begging for some Brett Favre news or maybe a story of another Georgia football player getting arrested. In fact, John Kruk's fight analysis was sooooo spectacular that ESPN had him showcase his answer on that night's edition of Sportscenter.

The thing is, I've never seen so much hoopla over a pitcher, who isn't that great, get injured. What has Joba accomplished that makes him headline news. Shoulder stiffness. Who cares? There was less talk when Pujols went down a couple months ago and he is the best player in all of baseball. Again, it's New York. The only way it would have been a bigger deal is if Joba was wearing a Red Sox jersey.

I say show Marlon Bryd's grand slam. Show the Indians/Rays highlights. Show us Erin Andrews. Show us pictures Stu Scott's glass eye.

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eccentric said...

You are forgetting about the world-beating coverage of Joba getting out of his car in Alabama to see Dr. Andrews. Totally on board with you on this one buddy. Phenoms with awesome stuff come along all the time. I wish I had the statistic of how many "phenoms" actually win fifty ball games in their entire career. The number is very disheartening (especially if one roots for the hapless Cubs).