Saturday, August 2, 2008

Odds and Ends

By: Guido

I know everyone, except those who work for major sports networks, is sick and tired of this Brett Favre shit. The Packers are a better team with Favre but he strung that organization along for far to long. Favre officially retired after last season. That's it. You're done. Tough shit, Brett. Green Bay moved on and finally got to work on the post-Favre era. Give it up and go back to Mississippi.
Everyone hates you know. I know that's a total 180 from this time last season but hey, fuck you man.

The Red Sox are so stupid to trade Manny. Jason Bay is half the player Manny is however, Bay seems to be brighter and a little more pleasant. I can understand an organization not wanting someone on their team that isn't willing to go out and give 100 percent everyday. I just think that Boston could have gotten a little more for Manny. They are pushing for the playoffs for crying out loud! This would be the equivalent of the Bengals trading Chad Johnson for Brandon Stoakley. Nothing against Stoaks but, it's Chad freakin Johnson. Whatever Boston. Kiss that 2008 World Series goodbye. Idiots.

The LA Angels Angels, in my opinion, have to be the favorites to win it all this year now that they have traded for Mark Teixeira. They have such a powerful line-up now but they need to make sure they can get Mark to sign a long term deal or they will be S.O.L. at first base for 2009.

I was very surprised to see that the Twins, Marlins, and Rays didn't get any deals done to strengthen their teams.

The White Sox are a better team with Griffey, even more so since Thome and Konerko aren't hitting, but I don't see how this helps with their problems in centerfield. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the NFL Hall of Fame game. You can rest assured that no future Hall of Famers will actually play. There will be a Jim Sorgi sighting but that is very common this time of year.

Word in Bourbonnais is that Kyle Orton is making Rex Grossman look like, well, Craig Krenzel. Krenzel, however, plays more like Jonathan Quinn. And everyone knows that Quinn is a poor man's Chad Hutchinson. Which brings me to Kordell Stewart...

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eccentric said...

Jason Bay is underrated. The dude should have been an All-Star this year. You are also discounting the fact that the BoSox get him next year for like $7.5 mil. Thats really cheap for the projected production. Besides, we wont have to hear all the "Manny Being Manny" bullshit.