Wednesday, August 6, 2008

High Five, Hampton!

By: Guido

There really isn't a better team to get a "first" victory against than the SF Giants. Maybe Washington. Either way Mike Hampton earned his first victory since August of '05. No sprained vagina. No arm/shoulder stiffness. No chest or groin pulls. Just seven innings of four hit-two run baseball. Not bad. I can't recall another player coming back to the game after and injury riddled lay-off like Hampton's. Hampton could have just sat back and retired with his fat contract. He will have to do a lot more to prove to fans that he is worth something.

One other player who may be in the same situation in a year or two would be Mark Prior. Though, he didn't get a huge deal from San Diego(Spanish for Whale's Vagina), he hasn't proven anything other than being injury prone. And, of course, Barry Bonds is still teamless. Something tells me that he won't be playing ever again.


Sports Jerks said...

At least Mike Hampton can hang his hat on one long as Kerry Wood is pitching in this league, Hampton will never own the title of "Biggest Pussy in the NL" award. Bada-bing.


eccentric said...

We have not seen the last of Barry Lamar. You just wait and see. Granted, he may need to get his knees replaced and his catheter drained in between innings. Either way, he will still bang homers and post a .480 on-base.

Sports Jerks said...

Bonds is done like dinner.