Friday, July 25, 2008

What Is and What Should Never Be

By: Guido

The WNBA fight was long overdue. No, it's not going to make me watch a game but, I might -MIGHT- stick around and watch a highlight instead of leaving the room to take a dump. And after watching that one chick (dare I say "Nappy Haired Ho") "punch" Rick Mahorn in the back, it proved that one can still use the phrase "hits like a girl". Seriously, a new Fantasia album would be a bigger hit than that. Rick Mahorn could kill her. He could.

I wish that Peyton Manning had his new surgery in Cordillera, Colorado. I wish he would have stayed at the hotel there. I wish that when he stayed at the hotel in Colorado, a young black hotel employee lady would give him some pleasure. I then would wish that she would contact the police and say that Mr. Manning raped her. Then I would wish that Peyton would make Cooper take the punishment for him. Cooper is such a bitch.

I hope that the recent trade of Jeremey Shockey didn't cause tidal waves around the New Orleans area. We certainly don't deserve to sit through any more ESPN specials on Hurricane Katrina and the Waves/Saints football. If the Florida Marlins are struggling to have fans show up at home games, then maybe they should pray for Hurricane Van Halen. Just think of the damage Hurricane Van Halen would cause. You gonna fuck with Hurricane Van Halen? I didn't thinks so. All those poor Cubans, Latins, and old white people floating around and foraging for food and tv's. This is my plan to save Florida baseball. If Tampa Bay doesn't blow it, that is.

Devin Hester reported to training camp today. I wonder what Cedric Benson is up to...

Did you know that Brad Johnson won a Super Bowl? How fucking crazy is that. I'll tell you one thing, he doesn't deserve it. Not in the least.

How many quarterbacks do they need in Tampa? If Green Bay really wants to make Favre miserable, they should send him to a team with no offensive line. It's the only way to help Packers fans and Favre fans heal. Let's watch him eat grass every Sunday. Hey, remember when Brett let Mike "gap tooffed foo" Strahan sack him. He let him do it. That's no way to EARN a record. They should both be ashamed of themselves.

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Sports Jerks said...

Chicago has no offensive line. Favre would eat plenty of grass there. Oh shit, I wasn't going to talk about him any more. See what you made me do?