Monday, July 7, 2008

Nobody's Fault But Mine

By: Guido

Not that it means anything now, but the A-Rod divorce from (insert wife's name) may have implications on this season. It just may take a couple months.

First, let me just congratulate the wife from- oh, her name is Cynthia...ok...thanks- He was probably a pompous ass anyways. Plus, with all the Madonna and Lenny Kravitz bs going on, it's hard to get names.

So lets say Cynthia is seen canoodling around the St. Petersburg area with Johnny Gomes. Wow, right? Or maybe the tabloids catch her rubbing her face on Jason Giambi's purrrrrrfect mustache? Or even better, she gets caught stroking Manny Ramirez' enormous wiener/ego? Just Manny being Manny. How would all that effect A-Rod in late September?

Sure, by then he may have himself a Material Girl, but that's not a reason to diminish and Ray of Light. Maybe Kabbalahalahballaballa is exactly what A-Rod needs in his life. I seriously doubt that the 50yr old Madonna is still Like a Virgin but that doesnt mean she isn't an Angel, right?
Papa Don't Preach but he did say that Love Makes the World Go Round and I hope I Live to Tell that to my kids. It's Like a Prayer has been answered for Red Sox fans.

On the flip side, Lenny Kravitz isn't exactly a prize either. He has a couple good songs but......

Who cares? Besides, everyone knows that David Justice and Halle Berry rule.

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