Thursday, July 10, 2008

Harvey's All-Star Picks (are non-existant)

By: Harvey

I've already made my distaste for the MLB All-Star game quite clear in an earlier entry, but when Guido said we should post our own All-Star picks...I thought it was interesting.

After a couple days' worth of mulling it over, I've come back to my original position of not giving a shit.

Guido did a fine job with his selections, although I think his omission of Albert Pujols is thinly-disguised Cardinal hatred and nothing more. I also have to say the voters got it waaaaay wrong by leaving Pat Burrell out. Too damn many Cubs and Red Sox for my taste. Especially Red Sox players who aren't even within sniffing distance of the best players in the league.

Everything about the All-Star game just sucks and I can't possibly find it interesting. If I could be somehow ensured that the 65 best players in the league based solely on this year's performance were going to be involved, maybe it would strike my fancy. With the dumbass fans getting to vote and the other selections apparently being based on the same type of inter-MLB popularity'll never even be close to that. Fine. I'll just take the girlfriend out for dinner, go back to her place and watch whatever bullshit they're showing on VH1 until I fall asleep.

By the way, this all goes for the Home Run Derby, too. Truthfully, I find it more interesting than the All-Star Game itself, but ESPN has to ruin it with that loudmouthed gasbag Chris Berman and his stale, dried-up, un-entertaining style of broadcast. The man was unique in 1980 or whenever he got his big break with he is a joke and doesn't belong on the air.

Hopefully you've all had your fill of negativity for the day. Let me know when this is all over so I can enjoy the rest of the season.

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Sports Jerks said...

No comment on the subject of Albert Pujols, though I did leave Zambrano off as well.

And yes, Pat Burrell is getting ass fucked.