Monday, July 14, 2008

Guido's HR Derby Picks and more (shit)!

Four players advance in the first round. The four who don't advance: Longoria, Sizemore, Morneau, Utley.
Semis out: Berkman, Uggla
Runner-up: Hamilton
Champion: Ryan Braun

First Half Awards
NL Rookie: Geo Soto
AL Rookie: Evan Longoria
NL Manager: Tony La Russa
AL Manager: Joe Maddon
NL Most Improved Player: Kyle Lohse
AL Most Improved Player: Josh Hamilton
NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum
AL Cy Young: Cliff Lee
NL MVP: Lance Berkman
AL MVP: Josh Hamilton
NL Sports Jerk: Marty Brennaman
AL Sports Jerk: Ozzie Guillen
NL Flop: Andruw Jones
AL Flop: Tori Hunter
NL Funniest Moment: Mark Mulder's Shoulder
AL Funniest Moment: Milton Bradley's Rampage

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Sports Jerks said...

I'd give you shit about having Morneau out in the first round...but that would insinuate that I give a damn about the Home Run Derby. I don't. Didn't watch it. Unless Chris Berman choked and died in the broadcast booth, I doubt I'll bother to catch it on a replay, either.