Monday, July 21, 2008

A few randoms

By: Harvey

Once again, it has been awhile since I've graced this blog with my presence. I've had a couple things on my mind, however.

I'm sick of Brett Favre. I'm sick of hearing about his every move. The sad part is, I was starting to like the guy a little before this latest circus began.

When he decides what he wants to do, let's talk about it. Until then, by talking about him every day he is only getting what he wants...attention. It is obvious the man is an attention whore. He's been doing it every offseason lately, hasn't he? I'm done speaking of the guy until I know what he's doing next season. Even then, I'm probably just going to make fun of him.

As promised, I didn't watch a minute of the All-Star Game. I don't feel as if I've missed anything.

I was eating dinner last night and one of the restaurant's televisions was tuned into ESPN. The sound was turned down, but I noticed the ESPY awards were showing. Not sure if it was live or a so much of what they show on ESPN, I just don't care. Now that they show Around the Horn and PTI on ESPNews, that's about the only ESPN I need.

Anyway, I noticed Chris Berman on stage at this award show. Made me really glad the sound was turned down. Sadly, the stage didn't collapse on him and no heavy lights fell on his balding, irritating head. Damn it.

I'm probably also glad I couldn't hear Justin Timberlake. Just a hunch.

Last thing before I go....Jason Isringhausen must have pictures of Tony La Russa drunkenly raping an innocent barnyard animal. Or something that would cause similar embarrassment. I just can't see any other reason for Mr. Shit-Faced-And-Asleep-At-The-Wheel-While-Sitting-At-A-Stop-Light to keep trotting Izzy out there.

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Sports Jerks said...

The espys were taped from earlier in the week. Why does espn need an awards show? Same with MTV. I guess the espys are still rellevant to espn. with mtv not so much. The only thing you missed from all star weekend was Chris Berman and the baseball tonite crew's love affair with Josh Hamilton. He gets high on Jesus and not crack cocaine.