Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An All-Star Idea

By: Guido

An All-Star Game in New York is about as appealing as a throbbing cock in my assholes. Maybe you like, but I don't. Maybe Madonna like?

One way ESPN could make the commercials for the Home Run Derby better would be to have James Earl Jones do the read rather than whatever unknown moron that is doing it now.

Also, I think the city of NY should have already had the new stadium built prior to this season. That way when the All-Star game is over, they can just blow Yankee Stadium up and be rid of that hatred filled hell hole forever.

Maybe, before the game, Madonna can perform a special tribute to the fan-voted All-Stars and then Lenny Kravitz can come out and pull her tit out for all to see(if anyone is watching).

Why don't we just have another All-Star team but instead of decent players and aging sluggers, we play the worst players in the leauge. Or, even better, we make a team that consists of all the best free agents and let them play in front of a national audience. Think of the storylines there. Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds. Joe Borowski and Ryan Bullington. Wow! What possibilities!

How about a Brawl For All between the Rays and Yankees. Just let them slug it out. Keep and eye on that Johnny Gnomes fella. He's clinically insane. Winner fights the Red Sox.

Let's just stick with blowing up Yankee Stadium. Yankee fans are so stupid that we could probably sell them tickets to go inside and watch. It would be worth it. Taco Bell could sponsor it. If 5,000 Yankee fans die then America gets a free taco. 10,000 gets you a crunchwrap supreme. Its a win-win situation.

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