Monday, February 21, 2011

Dempster To Start Opening Day

By: Clay

Cubs manager Mike Quade has named Ryan Dempster the opening day starter. As of now, Zambrano and Garza will follow Dempster in the rotation. As my friend Ritz says, "I like that because Big Z always takes beatings on opening day".

There are two reasons I like this. For one, Zambrano doesn't deserve it. He has been a complete jackass the past couple years and the Cubs don't owe it to him to name him the opening day starter. My other reason is that Matt Garza simply hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself in a Cubs uni so by defeault, he cannot be the opening day starter.

As for the other two rotaion spots, they have yet to be named. There are a handful of guys competing. I, for one, hope we can move Randy Wells and either Jeff Baker or Blake DeWitt to Colorado for Eric Young, JR. This, assuming Michael Young gets traded to Colorado AND EY JR isn't involved in that transaction. Then I would put Carlos Silva and Andrew Cashner in the rotation.

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