Monday, March 14, 2011

MLB Promotional Giveaways: Back in 2007

By: Sports Jerks

Back in 2007, before Sports Jerks existed, we created a list via text messages of funny MLB promotional giveaway nights that would never happen. For your amusement, here they are.

Barry Bonds Guide to Interview Etiquette
Rafael Palmario Lie Detector Kit
Jim Edmonds First Aid Kit
Pepsi presents the Sammy Sosa pocket translator
Pokey Reese free condom night
Tony La Russa free 16oz beer night (kids 15 and older)
Tony La Russa mug shot t-shirt
Sammy Sosa game used corked bat card from Topps
Tony La Russa steering wheel cover
Mike Piazza Express For Men Shopping Spree
KC Royals Open Contract Night
Randy Johnson Mustache night
Michael Barrett Brass Knuckle Night
Ozzie Guillen's Big Book of Racial Slurs and other Bigotry
Alfonso Soriano Oversized Glove Night
Lou Piniella Water Balloon/Base Launcher

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