Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recent Goodies

Here are some pics of some of my recent pulls. All walmart or target blaster purchases.

I got these 09-10 Champs hockey at Target. These are base cards and they look quite lovely.

Kali pulled the Milan Lucic game-used mini from 09-10 Champs and I pulled the Mike Richards treasured swatches from 08-09 UD Artifacts hockey. Both were $20 blaster boxes.

Other than the guarantee on the box that you will get two auto's per box, 2010 Sage Hit is a miss. Series one is only a fifty card set and the blasters are full of repeats. It's only worth it for a chance of pulling a Sam Bradford auto. Got these and the ones below at walmart a while back.

I really like the look of the Topps 2010 National Chicle. Kali pulled the Madison Bumgarner. It was excitement city. I've never had that kinda luck in one day. I bought three blasters from Target yesterday(Champs, Artifacts and National Chicle) and all three had something awesome inside.

My first Byrd card in a Cubs uni. That guy is playing his ass off this year is a big reason why the Cubs still have a shot. the Zambrano and Lee cards were both drawn by Don Higgins.

This Tim Wakefield card... I'm not a fan. Hey look, Ted Lilly!

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