Thursday, May 13, 2010

Astros/Cardinals 5-11: Prologue

By: Guido

This wasn't my first trip to Busch stadium. Actually, I doubt I could even guess how many times I've watched a game there. Most of them have been fairly enjoyable. I've yet to witness the Cards defeat the Cubs at new or old Busch.

I've been to far more games at Busch as opposed to games at Wrigley. This is mainly due to location as it's such a bitch to navigate through Chicago and find parking and the red line. Parking around Busch is plentiful but the price is usually too high. But at least you can actually park by the stadium. That's the one advantage Busch has over Wrigley.

I do plan on attending a Cubs game this season. The way things are going, I could probably score some cheap tickets now and then watch them win the division in the fall.

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