Thursday, May 13, 2010

Astros/Cardinals 5-11: Part Two: The Fans

By: Guido

It's was toned down crowd for Busch. I don't think they were drinking as heavily as they usually do. I saw a handful of Astros fans and one Cubs fan in a Nomar jersey. He was a pretty big fella so I'm sure they left him alone.

There were a ton of Pujols and Molina jerseys in the stands, and then maybe a handful of Wainwrights, Hollidays and Ecksteins. I saw one of each of the following: Smith, Edmonds, Duncan, Warfield, Renteria, Rolen, McGwire and Vina. I'm not too sure why you wouldn't throw some of those old wash rags away.

One of those contests they had on the big screen was a guess the phrase game. The answer was "Best Fans in Baseball". Imagine that. I didn't think you could give yourself a nickname. It doesn't work that way. You earn a nickname. Good or bad, you earn it. That's just asking for other team's fans to hate you. Why do they get to claim themselves as the best? Haven't the Cubs and their fans been through a lot? And their fan's are still there. And what about teams who have never won anything? Don't they deserve some recognition for sticking around?

Do the "Best Fans in Baseball" know that they are cheering and loving one of the laziest players in the game in Albert Pujols? That guy doesn't run out shit. More on him later.

The Cards had a 2-0 lead before Brad Penny blew it in the 7th. The Astros were up 4-2 in the bottom of the 7th and Card fans started heading for the gates. Woah! "Best Fans in Baseball" just giving up on their team? I guess it only makes sense. Their motto is "Play Like a Cardinal" and with Pujols just giving up on every hit, why can't they just give up on the game? Excellent message, Cards.

This is why every Cards win is a killer and every loss is so sweet. Watching them lose gives you the feeling you would have had if OJ was found guilty in criminal court. When the Cards lose, justice is served.


Dra┼żen said...

Actually, Pujols and Molina get ripped on a lot by Cards and stl radio guys for their lack of hustle.

And I really don't see what the big deal is about the term greatest fans in baseball. Most fans of any team aren't concerned about making friends with the fans of other teams. Besides every organization and players like to praise their fans Why? Because it works. The Cards attendance would still be high even without promoting the phrase but doing this makes a small segment of fans with low self esteem feel better about themselves. And when you are the only team in baseball that consistently has a significantly higher annual attendance than your metro area the Marketing Department is obviously doing their job very well.

Sports Jerks said...

OK. I haven't watched many televised Cards games this year.

That's a good point. It's true that I've only ever heard just a few people every refer to themselves as being part of the greatest fans in baseball. The thing is, it's an easy way to shit talk. It's my way of counter-acting the overly used jabs of Bartman and 1908 that are continuosly thrown my way. I appreciate the original jabs. Like Zambrano's carpal tunnel or Piniella getting drunk off pina colada's in spring training or Dempster being a Ginger. I want original bashing. The Cards just provide me with such good material.

I've yet to see anything at wrigley that says best fans in baseball though.