Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elias Coblentz

By: Guido

Go to Youtube and search for Elias Coblentz. He's a Cards fan from Iowa and hates Kentucky. This guy is just fucking stupid. Below is a website where they gave Elias a little bashing. copy and paste it and enjoy. I want to slap this moron. Go Now!

Unfortunately, the video has been removed from youtube but he has a shit ton more.


Dra┼żen said...

The problem with bashing youtube idiots like that is that all you do is give them exactly the attention they want. Sites like desipio love these guys though because it's a quick and easy post that is guaranteed to get their readers fired up.

Sports Jerks said...

yes but this guy is truely pathetic. The guy hasn't posted a video in a year.