Monday, April 26, 2010

MLB News and Notes

By: Guido

Looking at both league's standings, the NL looks more balanced then the AL. The worst team in the NL are the Pirates, who stand at 7-11. The Phillies, Padres and Cards are all tops in the NL at 11-7. Nobody looks overly impressive and it may be a highly competitive season. So far it's still anyones race

The AL's worst team is Baltimore at 3-16. The best team is Tampa at 14-5. The Twins and Athletics are leading their division as well wich both come as surprises. I didn't expect the Twins pen to hold up with out Joe Nathan. And I don't expect the A's to win the west but it's not something I'm rooting against.

Dallas Braden is one of my top guys right now after he ripped into that piece of shit A-Rod. It's sad that Yankee fan's still defend A-Roid. I still like Sosa, but not like I did before all the roid accusations and the corked bat. Anyway, apparently it's an unwritten rule in baseball that you don't run over the pitcher's mound, which is what A-Fraud did. However, since it's unwritten, then it's not really a rule or so say fans of the Yanks. OK then. So why do the Yankee's and their fans keep saying that Dallas Braden doesn't have enough MLB service time to speak his mind to A-Rod. Is that an unwritten rule too? That if you haven't proven yourself, then you can't speak your mind? What about a rule that if you are a piece of shit cheater and you've admitted to it and the lab results prove it, then your glove and all your records and magazine covers and endorsements and TMZ bullshit and get the fuck out of baseball.

Next to Barry Bonds, A-Fraud has got to be the most selfish and untrustworthy player in the history of the game. If that guy was on my team, do you think I'd try and defend him?

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