Sunday, January 23, 2011

Verses of the 2010-2011 Bears Super Bowl Shuffle

By: Sports Jerks Staff

The name's Brad Maynard and I'm the best in the league
at directional punting and planting my seed
I'll kick to the Pack any day
America knows that they are gay

Hey, this is Jay and I'm on the mic
Kristin Cavilari is the girl i like
when I'm not slanging the ball to Forte
I'm putting my wiener in her bootay

I'm marble mouthed Devin and I run back the Kicks
My ass was on TV but not my dick
Deion loves me and I went to The U
That's why I still can't add 2 plus 2

What's up ya'll, I'm Mike Tice
I know how to make the line play nice
I don't mean to brag but I love to gloat
I just send the guys on a sex party boat

Hey there gang it's Aromashodu
I betcha like to know what I'magonnado
I'm gonna run the wrong route really fast
and when I turn around, Jay will be sacked

I'm Tommie Harris from the defensive line
my ridiculous contract is a real goldmine
Pretty please don't gimme no slack
just cuz I've made $3 million per sack

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