Sunday, January 23, 2011

Championship Weekend picks and more

BY: Clay

Let's start with the Bears/Packers. Defense will decide this one. I see big games from both teams secondaries. However, the Bears will pull it out 20-17. This is more than likely the last shot for Urlacher, Kruetz and Mannelly considering their age and declining skills (though Urlacher has looked awesome this year) and also considering how difficult it is to repeat success in the NFL (see 2006 Bears, 2001 Raiders, 2010 Colts & Saints...well, actually everyone except the early 2000's Pats).

Moving on to the AFC, I see the Jets defeating the Steelers once more this season. that score should be around 27-24. I fully expect Rex Ryan to take over John Madden's job as the "Tough Actin' Tinactin" spokesman. Boom!

That means the Jets will meet the Bears in the Super Bowl. And maybe by then, a new version of the Super Bowl Shuffle. Team analysis: I understand a Jet can fly over a Bear, however, if the combined weight on that Jet is an NFL Team plus Rex Ryan...sorry but that plane is going down. And whats a crashed Jet with burning humans inside? why, it's a deliciously cooked meal for a Bear.

I suppose my vote for NFL MVP would go Tom Brady. While Mike Vick had an excellent year, he is still a dog killer and definitely not as good looking as Tom Brady.

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