Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 MLB season thoughts

BY: Clay

I know it is only January but I'm so excited for this season which is odd considering I'm a Cubs fan, so I know it'll never work for me and the rest of Cubbies Fans.

Let's start with the AL West. I still like Texas in this division. they are better than they were last year with additions Adrian Beltre and Brandon Webb. I think they can hold off Angels and make the playoffs once again. Seattle should finish last.

Moving on to the AL Central, blah blah blah Twins and White Sox, blah blah blah. Another late rally by the Twins will put them ahead of Detroit and then Chicago. There are also other teams in this division. Who knew?

Ah! The AL East. I hate this division. I like the Orioles to win some games. They play the Pirates in interleague semi-action this year.

Taking a look at the NL East, now, I've heard that the Phillies added a pitcher this offseason. His name is Cliff Lee...or is it JC Romero. Either way, the Phillies take the east and the Braves get the wild card.

This one is easy. The Cubs will win the Central this season, backed by strong pitching from Big Z and Garza. Not to mention some sweet ass hitting from Colvin, Pena and A-Ram. Where are the Cards? Dead last my friend. 40 games back...of the Astros! High Five!

And finally, on to the NL West. This should be the tightest race in the league. I think the Rockies will pull it out, leaving the Giants and Dodgers just a game or two out.

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