Sunday, July 4, 2010

UFC 116 Thoughts

By: Guido

What an awesome card UFC 116 turned out to be. It lived up to its potential. Lesnar survived the first round against Carwin and then managed to choke Carwin out. That was unexpected. I'm glad Lesnar won. I think Carwin was actually starting to believe his own hype a little too much. He need that loss. Leben worked and worked to get his submission of Akiyama. That was an unbelievable fight. I wanted Leben to win but I expected Yama to take it. For all the hype that Akiyama has brought with him to the UFC, he hasn't proven anything to me. I do think the Alan Belcher deserves a rematch vs Akiyama. All in all, every fight was entertaining. Next month's card looks to be just as good. Well, as long as the Real Anderson Silva shows up.

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