Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 All-Star Break

By: Clay

I hate that the All-Star game determines WS home field advantage. If the NL really wants to win the damn game, then why didn't that idiot Charlie Manuel make Strasburg his starting pitcher? Obviously Stras has great stuff and hardly and of the American league roster has faced him. So why not start him and have him go three or four innings? It couldn't hurt. Well, the Nationals organization would probably be pissed that he went more than two innings but what are they playing for anyway? Stras is young. He'll be fine.

Miguel Cabrera was not voted in as a starter and he should have been. He will be starting in place of an injured Justin Morneau. Cabrera's number's are slightly better and he has 20 more RBI's.

Why aren't Alex Rios, Carlos Gonzalez, Adam Dunn, Mat Latos, Billy Wagner and Aubrey Huff in the All-Star game? Omar Infante, Jose Reyes, Michael Bourn, Jason Heyward, Chris Young, Evan Meek, John Buck...All-Stars? Seriously? I absolutley HATE that all the teams have to represented. If a team doesn't have an All-Star caliber player, then they don't have one. Marlon Byrd isn't going to make me watch the game just because he represents my team. I'll only watch if during the seventh-inning stretch, Roberto Alomar launches a loogie in Chris Berman's face. I can't fucking stand that guy. He ruins everything.

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