Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sniffle Sniffle

By: Clay

Hey Cubs fans, let's learn from this. We fall in love with players too quickly, as does our management and front office.

We placed Zambrano on a pedestal after the 2006 season when he posted monster stats, finished 5th in the Cy Young voting, won a Silver Slugger and became an All-Star for the second time. Big Z's 2006 stats look like this: 16-7, 214 IP, 3.41 ERA, 210 k's. Following the 2007 season, Z received a nice fat contract and hasn't done shit since. But we thought he was worth it because of what he did that season. Now, we couldn't get rid of him quick enough. We always excused his behavior by saying, "Oh, he's just a competitor. He wants to win". Well, I don't believe that's all. This guy has got some serious problems that aren't gonna be resolved by suspensions or trades. He needs some mental help and he needs it as a clause in a contract for any future employment. Or maybe just a prescription for Lexapro.

Apparently the current Cubs roster, the clubhouse is more relaxed and free of tension. So I doubt they would want to welcome him back if he does return. One option that could work is to trade Zambrano to San Francisco for Barry Zito. The Giants would also have to send about $46MM to help cover Zito since he is under contract through 2013. And I CLEARLY remember Cubs fans, including myself, hoping that Zito would sign with the Cubs after the 2006 season. At this point both guys are back end of the rotation guys.

They are a few other scenarios that could work out and you can read them here(

As much as I would like to win with Zambrano, it just can't happen. The Cubs had a window of opportunity to with with the core group of Z, Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Sammy Sosa, Kerry Wood, Ryan Dempster, Alfonso Soriano and Kosuke Fukudome from 2003 to 2008. The window has closed on these guys. Some have moved on, other remain because of unmovable contracts and poor performance. We have to move on from these guys. Let's build around Starlin Castro, Sean Marshall, Carlos Marmol and Matt Garza before it's too late. We can't keep this bad contract shit up and we sure as hell don't want to be the Yankees by keeping guys around years after they should have retired (Posada, Jeter, Rivera...).

I don't really now what to say. Same Old Shit. From me. From the Cubs players. From the front office. From the Fans. I don't know why we bitch about it. Apparently we like the misery because we aure as hell aren't doing anything about it.

We choked in 2003, underperformed in 2004, had the league MVP in Derrek Lee in 2005(I will NEVER let that go), and then laid too big, stinking piles of shit in the 2007 and 2008 playoffs...with basically the same core group. See? There i go feeling sorry for myself. Thank Science it's football season. I'm in the mood to watch the Bears O-line give up a handful of sacks each game and see some kickoffs go out of the endzone. Well looky there, more things to bitch about.

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