Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 ASG Hightlights

By: Clay

This trophy for the "Are You Fucking Kidding" award goes to Mike Quade by way of Bruce Bochy.

When I saw Mike Quade during the roster introductions, I lost my shit. How? Why is he here? I can understand Kirk Gibson for obvious reasons, but Mike Quade. Oh my god. I was shocked and laughing but I still didn't get it. Absolutely no business accepting the invite from Bruce Bochey. Jesus, Bruce, you could have had any other manager but you went with Quade(replacing Jim Riggleman). Clint Hurdle would have been a deserving choice as well as La Russa.

Just another embarrassing moment to add to the 2011 Cubs season.

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Josh said...

LOL this legitimately made me laugh